We are a group of interdisciplinary adult industry workers who are committed to re-framing the position of sex workers in society.

We’ve created a platform to celebrate all that we do; not just as companions and entertainers but as masters of the sensory arts, educators of if intimacy, and brilliant intellectuals . This industry is so rich with talent and creativity; we deserve a safe space for expression that isn’t under constant threat of censorship.

Petit Mort aims to bridge the gap between the oldest profession and contemporary art, culture, and fashion. We are shining a light on our unique talents and holding a mirror to the rest of the world.


Petit Mort is the only print publication for adult industry workers and erotic laborers, a niche audience that was difficult to reach directly until now. As industry professionals ourselves, we have the authority and distinct perspective required to speak to the unique experiences of our audience in a way that no other publication can.


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