Visual art, poetry, photography, and thoughts on the intersection of art & SW.

For You I Must

I often harken back to the first time her heart beat danced on my skin I often harken back to the moment I let her

Black, Undestroyed, Overjoyed

Mrz. Neptune Violet depicts race, desire, submission, freedom, breath play, going before coming, and the large power of the small death.

oz hal0

Oz hal0 is a dynamic multimedia artist who creates soundscapes, visual art pieces and tattoos. Petit Mort sat down with them in their studio to talk about the importance of community, the influence of sex work in art and coping throughout the pandemic.

Amelia Ford

The inimitable and multitalented painter, Amelia Ford invited Petit Mort into her studio for a candid talk about independence in the art world and how sex work influences what she makes.