Behind the Veil

Arabelle Raphael and Petit Mort leave no stone unturned in this in-depth feature on this cult classic bombshell. From goddess worship, hyper-femininity, to the role

Estelle Leon’s Romantic Domination

Estelle Leon is a romantic at heart—bound to the beauties of sadism as the deepest form of pleasure. Petit Mort probed further at the root of it all—where personal values lie in practice, compassion as a virtue, and the absolute surrender of BDSM as an artform.

Out and Proud


Lucy Sweetkill

Lucy SweetKill, the renowned dominatrix and kinky life coach, invited Petit Mort to interview her in her most authentic space: post-session in her own dungeon.

The Muse’s Gaze: Selene Kitt

Selene met the Petit Mort creative team at the TWA hotel to discuss travel, erotic labor, art, education, appropriation and all that exists intersects between those lines.

Diving Deep with Paige Savage

Paige Savage has made her mark all across the country—in education, corporate America, as a content creator, body builder, and an elusive luxury companion. She’s strong, whip-smart, and offers an insight into the industry that is both deeply down-to-earth and compassionate. Petit Mort sat down with her to talk her latest ventures, personal healing, community building, and navigating the industry as a Black and Indigenous woman.

An Intimate Trip with Danny Gold

Many sex workers are healers whether they know it or not — clients seek our companionship for the energetic exchange we provide. Their conscious mind wants sex, but their subconscious often seeks something deeper. With psychedelic medicine we can take things a bit further. This season Petit Mort unpacks with Danny Gold who facilitates integrated experiences where their clients can explore the power of presence in all of its physicality.

Offline with Siri Dahl

Siri Dahl rose to fame between 2012 and 2015 as one of porns breakout bombshells. This season, Petit Mort got the privilege to talk to Siri about how she started, why she retired, and the reasons for coming back to the job she loved—this time with a twist.

Black, Undestroyed, Overjoyed

Mrz. Neptune Violet depicts race, desire, submission, freedom, breath play, going before coming, and the large power of the small death.

Between the Sheets With Maya and Chloe

Petit Mort had the pleasure of joining porn star Maya Kendrick and risng star Chloe Leigh Mercury in a conversation about the delicate balance of friendship vs. professional intimacy, and in person vs. online work.